Adr Agreement On Dangerous Goods By Road

Article 218, paragraph 9, of the EUTC applies regardless of whether the Union is a member of the institution or a party to the agreement. (7) The above amendments address uniform technical standards or technical requirements to ensure safe and efficient transport of dangerous goods, taking into account scientific and technical advances in this sector and the development of new substances and objects that pose a risk during their transport. The development of the transport of dangerous goods on inland and inland waterways, both within the Union and between the Union and its neighbours, is a key element of the common transport policy and ensures that all industries that produce or use products classified as dangerous by ADR and DNA function properly. The DNA Management Committee is an agreement-created body, namely the European Agreement on the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways (DNA). The categories of hazardous products according to the ADR are: Explosives Class 1 and Class 2 gases, including tablets, liquefied, and dissolved under pressure and vapours flammable gases (p.B. butane, propane, acetylene) Non-flammable and non-toxic that may be susceptible to suffocation (p.B. Azote, CO2 or oxidant (e.g.B. oxygen) Toxic (e.g. B chlorine, phosgene) Class 3 Class 4.1 Flammable solids, Self-deactive substances and de-enoxidized solid explosives Class 4.2 Substances suitable for spontaneous combustion Class 4.3 Flammable Substances Class 5.1 Oxidative Substances Class 5.2 Class 5.2 Toxic Substances Class 6.1 Toxic Substances Class 6.2 Infectious Materials Class 7 Radioactive Materials Class 8 Corrosive Materials Class 9 Dangerous Substances and Miscellaneous Objects Class 9 – Schedule A conditions for the products in question, including packaging and labelling; and, since 1 January 1997, the European Union has been applying the provisions of the AsDr to the transport of dangerous goods by road in the United States region, first in accordance with the Council`s Directive 94/55/EC of 21 November 1994, concerning the reconciliation of Member States` legislation on the transport of dangerous goods by road 6 .